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We Power Dreams

Our mission is simple. To help build great companies. We partner with founders

at the very earliest of stages, in markets we understand well,

to create dominant technology businesses.

The next wave of digital disruption is underway

Artificial intelligence is poised to unleash disruption across all major industries. Early adopters of AI are already creating competitive market advantages, and the performance gap with the rest is growing. Businesses, that are unable to internally resource and speedily respond to technological changes in the marketplace, can adapt and still drive new strategies and create a defensible strategic advantage by partnering with startups. Startups are a powerful force of disruption and a primary source of innovation in the market.

Machine Learning

Businesses that combine troves of raw data with machine learning and deep learning techniques will create new market opportunities for themselves. Not dependent on gut instincts or rigid processes, decisions will be made faster and based on evidence, experiments, and highly accurate forecasts.

Virtual Agents

Newer man-machine interfaces are being created using machine learning and natural language understanding, wherein a human input is analyzed, meaning extracted and a response generated in the form of an answer or action. Trained Virtual Agents will become the new experts and assistants.


Immersive and emerging technologies of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) will become the next major computing and communication platforms, after mobile phones. They will become part of everyday life spanning many industries as we learn the power of full sensory synthetic experiences.

Our Focus

We are founders of multiple start-ups. We have also worked at large scale corporations. We understand how critical it is in the early days of startup life to efficiently validate ideas, raise the right amount of financing to manage ownership, and bring in smart investors with leverage to scale start-ups and create dominant businesses. Our current interests are in the application of data and AI technologies to Fintech, Retail, Entertainment, Media and Real Estate business sectors. As we add partners with core domain expertise in other areas, we hope to expand our focus.